Sponsoring & Donations

A great challenge


Such a big project has its challenges, which are not so simple to solve and which I can not stand alone, and I thank all those who have already actively supported me, or are still doing it.


That is why I am dependent on your sponsorship commitment. I offer you 10 different possibilities, including equipment sponsoring.


Even every small donation will help to create footpath of life.


At the beginning, 50% of all financial grants will flow directly into suicide prevention, and I will be 100% transparent. At a later date all 100%.


In my webshopI offer only products I use, which I can recommend without exception. If you buy something there I will receive a small comission, which will help me to keep me above the water.

You can count on it. I will also finance this project.


These are your possibilities to support Footpath of Life


  1. I offer different sponsoring possibilities. Maybe there is something for you.

Just take a look at the sponsoring informations, I can send by e-mail.


  1. Just the equipment I need costs around the 6000 euro. Numerous win-win situations can be created through equipment sponsoring. Each sponsor, every piece of equipment will be presented with a written test, but also in videos and in photos. And over the years there will be many hundred photos taken with backpack and

everything I use. Would it be interesting to put your products in the foreground?


  1. On every single page of my Internet sites (there are six URLs - corresponding to the languages) I will offer one or two positions for banner advertising. Decent but effective. Just ask the mediadata.


  1. I am delighted about every single cent and every small donation will support my concerns of suicide prevention directly and indirectly. All information and bank details can be found here.


  1. My webshop contains only products which I use and I tested also for good. For the individual articles, there are written tests, as well as in videos (I am still working on it). The shop will grow with time. If you shop through the links there, I get a small commission. For the saw this is 1.20 euros, for example. This will not make the product more expensive for you. But it will be a enormously help Footpath of Life and my concerns.




Which qualities make me, in addition to the project, to a sponsoring partner

with benefits?

1. 17 years of experience as a TV journalist

2. Implementation of more than 220 corporate videos for companies

3. For 8 years with my own PR agency successful on the market

4. Since 7 years lecturer for online journalism and online marketing at 3 different universities and training institutions

5. Professional in the following areas:

- Search Engine Optimization

- Online Texts / - Journalism

- Social Media Marketing

- Cross-Media Marketing

- Crisis PR

6. Author of documentaries and two cookbooks

7. Professional experience movies, image composition and video editing (which will be shown with professional

equipment much

better - current recordings (photo and film) emerged with my HTC phone

8. Footpath of Life is my heart and life project. The better, more professional and the more profitable I deal with all the


involved, the more people I will win for this project and the more trees of memory will line the path.

9. Because this project comes from the heart and the human feels and knows the emotions.

10. Because the success so far, promises that once I'm on my way and the actual press and local radio stations can be

integrated, the numbers of the "follower" will rise excessively.

11. Stays the daily increase of numbers like that, I will start with at least 11 000 followers



What you get as a sponsor of mine?


  • I offer you a cooperation with the HR department of your company, in addition to the classical possibilities listed under point 2 above. This can be in the form of a motivation lecture or a seminar, a support for your projects or a joint fundraising action.


  • Each sponsor gets its own Page under rider sponsors, with its unique content about the company,

product + customized text, why he / she Footpath of Life supports.


  • The ongoing exposure is described by me in a text, which I will publish on various blog sites.

If it fits and is feasible, the commitment would also described in a video, but this is certainly an individual decision.


  • Product sponsors get besides the elements listed above:

- An unboxing video in which I present the product and for example, show how to build the tenth.

- In addition to product details I'll also discuss why this particular product is perfect for my project.

- The same will be done also in a text, to be published in the blog portals.

- A personal practice test video (after a certain time)

- Written test in practice, to be published in the blog portals.

- All this is of course shared in the social networks and search engine optimized is shown.


  • I will, as soon as I'm on my way, publish daily photographs, make regular blog posts and at least once a week, create a summary film documentary.


  • The project will take between 10 and 15 years. Can you imagine how many times your product could be seen in

pictures and videos? Even in the next months, when I do all my walking, hiking, camping training.


  • You have the option – to integrate me in your marketing activities offline and online.

Thereby you can attract additional users and prospective customers.


  • If you can help me with the technical online-based implementation of my multimedia vision or have an innovative product, you can present your know how to a wide international audience able.



Let us prove that life is beautiful and worth living and help where additional hands are needed.


Thank you with all my heart




See here some possibilities of Sponsorings and here the Equipment-Sponsoring.





Mario Dieringer

Geleitsstr. 66A

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Tel: +4917670428613


Above on this site you will find all the social networks I am in. It will be a major help if you connect with me in those networks.


I will use them to document my walk around the world. On youtube you will find weekly video documentations. On flicker I will do the daily photo documentary. The best pic of the day you will find on instagram and much more. Where I will write about the adventures is not sure yet.


If you don´t have any of those, order my newsletter and you will be informed to.

Please help with your friendship and sharings.


Thank you so much.


Who or what am I?

In any case, crazy enough to devote my life to a task that has become much more important to me than my home, my scooter and my garden. It is my life task, because a suicide kills us all in one way or another.