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Suicide prevention is possible, even if it is a very complex phenomenon. The biggest problem is to convince endangered persons that they need professional help. There is still a great deal to be done in the field of Enlightenment, since not all medical specialists perceive the seriousness of the situation. Especially when it comes to children, who have with 6 or 8 years suicide thoughts or have their first suicide attempts hbehind them. Yes, these cases are there and I get more and more mails from parents who go through hell.


The treatment offer includes therapeutic sessions, in-patient treatments, medication and talks with others, those who have made it. However, the reconnaissance work must also address the family, partners, friends and work colleagues. Suicide announcements are usually not taken seriously. Families who have been afflicted with depression for generations, deny often the suicide attempts of their own parents and believe there would be no disposition.


I swore that I would put my life in the service of suicide prevention. For me there is NO alternative and I will help where ever I can. Since I am not a medical doctor, I can only do two things:

to educate and to collect funds, so that

  • professional institutes are able to provide emergency assistance,
  • medical professionals can devote themselves to research in this area,
  • emergency psychologists can be provided,
  • the press is reporting in a way that there are no imitations and
  • that suicide hotspots can take precautionary measures to prevent further suicides.


A lot of money is needed to achieve and support these goals. Money, I do not have. But I can make money with my possibilities, which is given for the listed purposes.

And I need your help to implement a three-step plan.

Already one euro / dollar will help to implement my plan in the long term.


1. Short-term objectives

  • Financing the equipment needed to get on my way
  • Printed sponsorship folders for successful sponsor marketing
  • Production of plaques, for the trees of remembrance (3.00 Euro / Dollar per plaque)
  • Trees for people who cannot afford to buy one for themselves (20-30 Euros / Dollars)
  • The cost of the website (50 Euros / Dollar per URL and year)
  • Minimum of press work, so that people can learn about the project through print, TV and radio


2. Medium-term objectives

  • Ensuring phone & online costs so that I can report on the project, people and fates weekly with a film, photo and text documentation. This is the only way I will reach more people and get the opportunity to generate so much money through advertising efforts, that the project can carry itself and throw money for the prevention work. If I do not have WLan, the online costs for 24 hours, over a system, with which I can work even in the forest in 100 different countries, will cost 8 Euros / Dollar per day. The device for costs 99 Euros / Dollar.
  • During my path, I would like to give lectures on this topic in cities and villages. These can only be organized on the spot and on short notice. This can be done online, but also with flyers, which should be distributed in small numbers. This must be organized and possible costs can be covered by voluntary donations directly after the event.
  • The financial security of the daily needs, such as food and drink, possibly camping fees, medical care.
  • New purchase of (especially) shoes, which will probably have passed through every 1500 to 2000 km (approx. 150 Euro per pair). It cannot be ruled out that once or twice the technique fails, a storm tears the tent and the sleeping bag is simply not to use any more after 6 years.
  • Ensuring the project for approximately two years. This is the time it takes at least until it can carry itself over advertising revenues (with about 1000 Euro per month, maybe longer, all listed costs could be covered)
  • But I would like to be able to provide concrete help during this time too. For example, to pay a psychological emergency treatment on the spot, transfer funds to institutions on the spot, make necessary purchases for organizations on the ground.


Long-term goals:

  • to support Organizations that promote suicide prevention
  • support research facilities with money but also with my personal possibilities in marketing
  • Provide international information services - among others, with films that I will produce during the trip.
  • In individual cases, pay for emergency therapies or take over costs incurred by suicide which will only increase the suffering of the family, to ensure, that partners do not commit suicide for financial reasons.
  • The establishment of its own foundation


What can you achieve with your donation?

And do not be afraid, every penny is valuable and you can also donate anonymously if you feel uncomfortable.

  • With 1.- Euro

You can fill the project bank for unforeseen and reach the mass of people who make use of it, which the individual may not be able to afford.

  • With 3.- Euro

Make sure that I can eat for one or two days

  • With 8 euros

I can be a day long, even in the wilderness, online and the coverage is ensured.

  • With 20 euros

A sponsoring map can be created that is sent to potential sponsors together with a mini-tree.

  • With 50 euros

I can already buy 3 good microfiber t-shirts

  • With 100 euros

If I negotiate well, a few new shoes.

  • With 200 euros

I can buy the special outdoor pants, which will dress me for years.

  • With 300 euros

The outdoor camera is secured

  • With 400 euros

I can buy the tent and have a home

  • With 700 euros

I can buy the film camera, which is specially made for such a project

  • With 1000 euros

Back up the entire project for at least one month and longer

  • With 12,000 euros

Footpath stands for one year without worries – forever - in your debt

  • With more than ….

I cannot believe this at all - because then all the long-term goals, for which I need at least two years in the preparation, could be approached almost immediately and you must be an angel.


The use of all funds will be documented in full, so you can always be certain that your donation or sponsorship does not miss its purpose.

Please think about and for more informations feel free to contact me at any time – Thank you very much.

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Thank you so much.


Who or what am I?

In any case, crazy enough to devote my life to a task that has become much more important to me than my home, my scooter and my garden. It is my life task, because a suicide kills us all in one way or another.