sponsoring possibilities

Sponsoring possibilities

Important for you to know:


Sponsors will get under the tab sponsors, a own rider with a complete page, where they can present themselves.


Moreover - which primarily affects the sponsorship of equipment – I will install an extra page where the equipment I use, will be shown, with scores and reviews in text and video, with referral links to this product on your online store.


With sponsors I will make a basic contract, so that both sides are covered.



Very important:


50% of each financial sponsorship I'll spend for the financial support of a suicide-prevention program, and demonstrate this at regular intervals (bank receipt, etc.) Later if I fixed sort of a monethley income I can pay by health ensurance with, I will take 100% of all into the prevention work.


have a look who is sponsoring me so far.



1. Equipment sponsorships - here you will find what I need

Here are primarily producers addressed who want to presented the products by my long-term use and the related coverage in text , photo and video by myself . Needed are all kinds of hiker things, lika a backpack shoes, a pilgrim or traveling carriage , a tent, sleeping bag or cooking utensils and clothing . Just ask me, I will gladly send a list .



2. Financial sponsorship per month

With which monthly sum you want sponsor Footpath of Life, of course, remains to you. The money will be mainly used to finance trees and plaques , as well as emerging costs, fees and equipment. Over what period you wish to participate in this project is of course also up to you. Whether you sponsor it for a year on probation, or for 5 years or you make every 6 months a new decision is of course also up to you. We will fix the sponsoring conditions and you decide at a later time, if you wish to continue your commitment.



3. Financial Sponsorship per kilometer

With which sum per kilometer, you want sponsor Footpath of Life, of course, remains to you. The money will be mainly used to finance trees and plaques , as well as emerging costs, fees and equipment used . About the distance you want to participate in this project, is of course also up to you. Whether you join me for 1,000 km or 50 000 km, maybe you want to be limited to spilled kilometers in a particular country, all that I leave to your desires and your imagination . As described in Section Two , you have here the opportunity to again and again to make a new decision, again and again.



4. Sponsoring trees

Finance 10 and more trees with the summ of 500 Euros / Dollars



5. A tree for the deceased members of your organization or company

No donation, no sustained commitment - how about a tree for the deceased employee of your company on your company premises? For 500 Euros, I'll be on my way, get a tree and I will plant it right on your premises - personally (like i do it with all trees). With this amount, you not only help the project to keep it alive but also allow the purchase of trees for people who cannot afford one, because of the financial situation.



6. None of this, just ....

All too complicated for you and actually you don´t want to advertise or something similar and you find the project just great and worth supporting? Then of course you can simply send any amount of money or just send something that I could use your opinion. Here you will find datas…



7. Place an ad on my website

You can place a ad on my Website. Space is limited so first comes first served.

But the topic must fit somehow to my topic and everything which is related to. Ask for prices.




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Tel: +4917670428613


Above on this site you will find all the social networks I am in. It will be a major help if you connect with me in those networks.


I will use them to document my walk around the world. On youtube you will find weekly video documentations. On flicker I will do the daily photo documentary. The best pic of the day you will find on instagram and much more. Where I will write about the adventures is not sure yet.


If you don´t have any of those, order my newsletter and you will be informed to.

Please help with your friendship and sharings.


Thank you so much.


Who or what am I?

In any case, crazy enough to devote my life to a task that has become much more important to me than my home, my scooter and my garden. It is my life task, because a suicide kills us all in one way or another.