Receive your tree

Receive your tree

Now you have come this far. Let us go along the next step and let's get together to plant a tree,

for your sweetheart or your loved ones and the Footpath of Life can be tree after tree and yard by yard become reality.


What you must do first?

You should definitely have chosen for you alone ,

together with friends , as a group of stakeholders or perhaps as a community , on behalf of all deceased in your village or city, to plant a tree of memory.


This call is also addressed to communities that may wish to plant a tree for all community members who have suddenly been torn out of their lives. On a public place, where people who go their own way will be able to stop on a bench. Please help and create those very special places!



What do you have to do & how does it work to get your tree of remembrance?

Write me b yusing the form below

  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your e-mail address
  • Where you want to plant the tree
  • Whether it is on a private property or whether I should organize a place at the city or via the church community
  • Whether you want to pay the tree yourself or not

(I'm doing this for free, and I'll try to pay the trees from donations or get it spnsored. But it's easier for us to buy it just as you would like to have the tree.) But no matter how or where, I will find a solution and your tree.

  • If you want to offer this day / night a couch, a guest room, your garden, a garage or barn or whatever.

(I must know that for my organization). I have my tent. So it is completely ok, if I sleep elsewhere.

  • All your data remain with me and are guaranteed not given away.
  • A few weeks before I start running, I will put all the places and invitations in a meaningful order I will hike on. This will certainly have to be updated and expanded. Where I am you can find out online via the social networks or the newsletter.
  • About one or two weeks before my arrival in your city or village, I will then contact you online and by telephone.
  • We plant the tree and the next day, I'll get back on my way.
  • If you need help or if you want me to hang around for another day or two, I like to stay.
  • If you like to accompany me a bit on my way for a few days, weeks or months, you are welcome to walk, to came a bit later or to join me again and again.
  • If I should come to your company to plant a tree for deceased employees, I would like to say "Thank you" with a motivation lecture. There is also the possibility to book me for various in-house trainings. This has been my daily business for many years.



Make a step and motivate people around the world + me

Please have a look on the side stations, in which countries I will walk through. Based on the order you can guess an approximate route on Google maps. But nothing is fixed, as your invitationw ill create the Footpath of Life. What is fixed for sure is my promise to come, whereever you want me to come.


If I'm hiking plus minus 100 km to the left and right of your location, please invite me over, via the contact form below. Once your invitation is received, I will add your location in the field stations, behind the respective country.

This is important to motivate others.


Let us plan this experience now, so I can make a plan

  • Although it will take 1.5 years until I can start, and your country occurs at position 15, I ask you to invite me now.

You can, of course, at any time cancel this. This way I can plan much better at any pint of my journey before and during.


  • If your country or location is not represented on the track, then invite me anyway.

I have to adapt further 1.5 years the route, as I'm going to do during the trip anyway constantly.


  • Please do not forget to send me your address and phone number (will remain secret and will not be used in advance of me or passed on. Do not worry, I'll call you only when I'm about to reach the destination).



Only one thing I will not do. Life gives also only one direction: forward. Therefore I do not walk back. But if you heard to late from Footpath of Life, we will find a solution: promised. Just register with me, best immediately.


And very important:

This human for whom you want to have this tree was someone has played a great and important role in your life

That's why I can not somewhere on this World plant a tree for you and say: That is for Maria and this one for Eberhard etc. We will plant together. Your love, your friendship, your memories.

I make sure that the circle around the earth is closed. Step by step.


Be aware that I speak only German and English.

Or write in short and easy sentences in your language, so google translator will manage it - hopefully.





Mario Dieringer

Geleitsstr. 66A

63067 Offenbach



Tel: +4917670428613


Above on this site you will find all the social networks I am in. It will be a major help if you connect with me in those networks.


I will use them to document my walk around the world. On youtube you will find weekly video documentations. On flicker I will do the daily photo documentary. The best pic of the day you will find on instagram and much more. Where I will write about the adventures is not sure yet.


If you donĀ“t have any of those, order my newsletter and you will be informed to.

Please help with your friendship and sharings.


Thank you so much.


Who or what am I?

In any case, crazy enough to devote my life to a task that has become much more important to me than my home, my scooter and my garden. It is my life task, because a suicide kills us all in one way or another.