What should you know?


Footpath of Life is not a fixed idea, but a task that I myself

only conditionally selected. I wanted more than anything else to have my partner around me.


I wish I had found a way to help him somehow. That was not the case.

I wish I had known what I know today. But I'm not sure if it would have changed anything. If people are tired of life, there may be no help that can be grasped. I dont know .... But with this site I will try to give a light.


On the following pages, I try to describe my motivation and explain

what happened and how Footpath of Life came about.




My goals are clearly defined:


  • To support the suicide prevention as soon as possible financially and actively
  • International attention to a growing problem that has reached all societies and almost all cultures
  • Create a memory for people who have not seen any more a perspective or meaning in life.
  • But also for those who were taken out of the mids of life, who were loved.
  • But not just you. All those who planted a tree that was loved and are no longer there.
  • To set a sign for the people who have remained behind and continue to fight on a daily bases and have sought
  • their way back to normality or have already found it - at least sort of it.
  • To help people personally when I am on site - if I can do that somehow.





Below you will find all the information about:






Mario Dieringer

Geleitsstr. 66A

63067 Offenbach



Tel: +4917670428613

Who or what am I?

In any case, crazy enough to devote my life to a task that has become much more important to me than my home, my scooter and my garden. It is my life task, because a suicide kills us all in one way or another.

Above on this site you will find all the social networks I am in. It will be a major help if you connect with me in those networks.


I will use them to document my walk around the world. On youtube you will find weekly video documentations. On flicker I will do the daily photo documentary. The best pic of the day you will find on instagram and much more. Where I will write about the adventures is not sure yet.


If you donĀ“t have any of those, order my newsletter and you will be informed to.

Please help with your friendship and sharings.


Thank you so much.