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...for life


The suicide of my partner sent me on a crusade for life. Uncompromisingly I will prove that every human being is able to escape the most terrible circumstances as soon as he begins to follow himself.

Over the past few years, and especially in 2016, I have learned, that every human being can create his future creatively and positively. If you do, depression and the desire for a redeeming death will have no place. Your thoughts become words. Your words become deeds. Your deeds become acts. Your acts will become the life that you always wanted.

The suicide of my partner sent me on a crusade for life. Uncompromisingly, I will prove that every human being is able to escape the most terrible circumstances as soon as he begins to follow himself. You have the power over the course of your life as soon as you begin to follow yourself - only yourself.


Fulfillment is possible:

Follow yourself, then you will have the power




Dying or living?


My partner took his life, and I myself attempted to.

I had lost everything that was important to me.

I had no future. In this darkest time of my life, I

decided to give away everything I owned. I do not

have spare bucks, no house, no car, no fortune,

nothing. All I can call my own is my faith in the

value of life and myself. I knew that I would lose

my life too, if I did not become the person I once

was. I finally had to act on my own responsibility

and stop living like a respond to the really bad

tasks and teachings of life. I had to make up my

mind: to live or to die?

Equipped with nothing but courage, trust, and

curiosity, in March 2018 I will walk on a

75,000-kilometer path around the world to plant

memorial trees on the footpath of life:

  • Trees for those who have lost their battle and who have chosen suicide as a way out.


  • Trees for those who had to stay behind and have to deal with their destiny.


  • Trees as a widely visible sign for all those who are blinded by despair, anxiety, depression and a death-wish.


  • A ring around the earth, full of blossoming memories of people we love.




To despair or take the power


I would like to show everyone who is alive (doubtful) that everyone can be sure of the grandeur of life. Follow your heart, follow your soul, follow your dreams and desires, uncompromisingly and radically - You have nothing more to lose.



Why abandon everything - why “ruin” my life – what do I want to prove?



  • Because everyone can find a light, even in the most dreary darkness


  • Because no idea can be so crazy or megalomaniac that it could not be created. You think: But I can´t? or NO it´s not possible? I tell you: Yes it is!


  • Because even after the most terrible loss, you can still recapture a good life.

  • Because the only thing that matters is the individual self. Don´t care about the circumstances.


  • Because I want to be a living example. I was about to give up my own life, depressed and in pain. In the middle of this nightmare I chose Footpath of Life and myself instead, surprising power, confidence, joy and strength.


  • I cannot stand that there are people who no longer believe in themselves and which are subject to the illusion that death is a way out, because nobody is showing them another perspective.


  • Because I loved my partner Jürgen and I cannot let him go without a trace. He had a light that has to be passed on, even if he had not felt it and saw it any more. His eyes really lit up unprecedented when he laughed.


  • Because I feel rock-solid that this is the only right thing to do for me


  • Because Footpath of Life is a path to remembrance, to touch people and to give them faith again.


  • Because it gave me a light that I must share.



Is life worth living?


Do you believe that life is worth living and is always worth fighting for?

Then I ask you to support this project - no matter how: financially, logistically, or with your own network.

Let us put together a huge sign for life. Help me to succeed. Support this project.

Thank you very much




Who or what am I?

In any case, crazy enough to devote my life to a task that has become much more important to me than my home, my scooter and my garden. It is my life task, because a suicide kills us all in one way or another.

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Thank you so much.