Battlefield of faigned compassion

Battlefield of faigned compassion


There are days like today which are so terrible in their very own way. Sundays are always the most terrible days of the week. Waking up alone and feeling one more time, that the one you miss so terrible, will never smile back on you, if you open the eyes. Nothing and nobody who will give you a reason to stand up. Just my feelings and the strong believe in what I am doing bring me out of the bed. Honored by emails from people all over the world.


This evening a woman from New Jersey wrote me how her sister was killed in 2014, another one thought about a tree for 9/11, a woman from Germany wrote me that such terrible hits from the destiny makes you lonley others were writing me a simple thank you for what I am doing and a young guy from Mumbai wrote me how much I would inspire him. I can´t tell what all those things are doing to me. Especially because I am doing nothing - I just scream out of pain and often anger and I am doing what my entire heart and feelings are telling me to do, telling me: You must do. Sometimes I feel happy and sometimes I sit here in front of the pc and I am crying. My entire thoughts are about to work more on this, you have to do more, how I can touching people and what else I must do to make people understand, why why why and and and ......


I am on my way, not lined by the trees of memory but lined by memories, the fought against all kind of ignorance, against the silence, lined by friends, by people who start to believe in me, by people who support me and of course by people who gives a shit and those who thinks they can decide what´s good for their people and those who are writing me their terrible stories and often it sounds like it is the first time, it is told. And those people who wrote me how much they are touched about Toms Song Soul of Ice and many who shared the entire story again and again with their own words, are make me feeling right and showing me, that there is so much out there, which is worth to live, to fight, to beware, to lighten up and for me to walk and plant. So much more than all the ingnorance and silence many of the writers are dealing with. Out there are people, too many who are asking: how can it be and how this can happen?


So, what will be the answer from each of us we will give, if asked one time "why" ? My answer as a result of everything what happend will be: because it is time to make a difference, life tought me that. Nobody should wait until he will be tought .... Thanks to everyone who was getting in touch in the past months. You give me the hope and the strength i need for and helping me with putting my feet step on step on the Footpath of Life. Keep on making a difference. Your light, your thoughts, your strenght and your compassion will have an impact on those who turned away, don´t give up - it will make your life to a better place and it will keep you being a warm hearted person. Your love, your smile and your strenght ...will be your weapon and the key to a colorful future - no matter how dark it is. Don´t let rule those your life who are vanish like their sound of the voices in the wind and start with them, who are there, who are acting instead of asking, who are sharing your story, your hopes, your thoughts and the things you are believe in, who are supporting you - because it has a reason why they are with you. These are the lights in the darkness and the fire which will keep you warm, not the sparks of faigned compassion. ... yes I know, not easy at all - it´s my daily war on my own battlefield of feelings. Some duels I win, some I loose - but your words, destinies, support and thoughts are the best weapon arsenals and way more important: the best support I ever could dream about - Keep on moving - Thank you very much!


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Who or what am I?

In any case, crazy enough to devote my life to a task that has become much more important to me than my home, my scooter and my garden. It is my life task, because a suicide kills us all in one way or another.

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